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Hopelijk blijft geen Kruimel Liggen


SNS en nog eens SNS

Epstein on Online Privacy

Medium: Seven Simple steps toward online privacy

Vinyl Analog to Digital conversion

Some links to remember

Narrow Boat Cruising on the Thames



Check bad links


Geschiedenis van de Verlichting in een Notendop

Ledtuning’s geschiedenis van de verlichting in een notendop.


CSS GRID a story Veerle Pieters pointed me to.


How to find out what your Vinyl Records are worth?

Discogs is a site that has many members and a huge database of records. You can buy or sell vinyl via this site.
Popsike tracks bids on e-bay for records.

Vinyl shops in The Hague:

  • Empire Records, Korte Houtstraat

I have a new (never unpacked) grammophone or turntable….with an adapter I can use it to digitize my vinyl collection… Behringer UFO202 audio interface USB is such an adapter.


I twittered about Glotpress in 2009 and it still exists….


Webmatros reviewed Divi and the conclusion is to not use Divi. Currently Divi is a heavily marketed WordPress theme that lets you design your own theme like Headway and Thesis……

Funny to see he went down the same road as I did: Thesis….fed up with their 2.0 release: Over to Headway with inconsistencies in their approach: And about a year ago I find out that Headway is slow and producing errors and change my two main sites to Twenty Sixteen. See Chairblog.

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